Pincer nail refers to a disorder in toenails which is similar to ingrown nails. The difference between both the disorders is that in pincer nails, the edges of the nails roll into the skin on one or both sides of the nail causing an over curvature. The condition becomes quite painful when the nails get compressed. The disorder is also known as Omega nails and occurs generally in the toenails. The condition is mostly hereditary in nature. This disorder is very common among the elderly and can lead to extreme discomfort and inflammation. We at Pediglass Singapore, help in treating Pincer nails using the most painless ways, reviving the infected nails back to their normal condition. You can be completely assured about proper hygienic methodologies which are very safe and painless for your nails.

Causes of Pincer Nails:

  • Excessive cutting or pedicure of the nails may cause this disorder very easily.
  • Improper fitting of shoes is a very major cause of all problems related to nails as compression is the root of all major nail infections.
  • Pincer nails is a defect generally seen in the elderly as an aging factor.
  • Lack of proper nutrition to the body can be a major cause of this disorder.


Symptoms of Pincer Nails:

  • Nails become thicker and hard.
  • Brittle or cracked nails can lead to this disorder.
  • Unexpected disorder or discomfort in the nails.
  • The surrounding area of the infected nail becomes tender and red.


Pincer Nail Treatment methods:

  • Proper filling of the nails can be the main treatment for this disorder.
  • Most importantly, diet plays a major role. Nutrients like zinc, biotin, iron, and proteins are quite helpful in preventing such disorders.



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The disorder is impossible to be treated by any home remedies. Therefore Pediglass Singapore has a specialised team for Pincer Nail Treatment Singapore who would help in solving this issue with a number of nonsurgical and painless techniques that help in getting your nails back to the normal shape. All the steps involved in the whole pincer treatment are performed with the emphasis of proper care of hygiene and safety.