Our nail restoration services are specifically catered to individuals who have deformed nails and wish to restore them to their original states.

These deformities can be caused by pincer and ingrown nails that are left unattended to, or simply inherited from birth. For example, some individuals may have bruised their nails on impact, which translates into a nail deformity as the nail develops over a period of time.

Such nail deformities are unsightly, and also cause extreme discomfort, often resulting in a need for complete/partial removal of the nail. Surgery is sometimes not the best option, as it may lead to further complications.

With Pediglass technology, we are now able to restore deformed nails back to its ideal, functional state. The process involves the ability of the nail to grow back given the right care and environment

Interested to know more? Let our qualified technicians assess your nail condition and tell you more.