Ingrown nails are a defect in the nails when they grow into the flesh instead of the desired position. This defect generally affects the toenails especially the big toe. The people with thick and curved nails are the most susceptible. Anyone can face this problem as a result of injury or tight-fitting shoes that compress the nails. Ingrown nails are formed as they start to grow into the skin. Improper grooming of the feet can also be a major reason for ingrown nails. Ingrown nails can cause many severe problems such as infection to the underlying bone or other serious complications. We at Pediglass Singapore, provide the best-ingrown toenail treatment.

Causes of Ingrown Nails:

  • The main cause of ingrown toenails or fingernails is improper trimming of nails. The nail should not be cut too short and the edges should be straight. People should be aware of how to treat an ingrown toenail.
  • Ill-fitting shoes can also be a big cause of ingrown nails as they cause your nails compress into the toe skin.
  • The defect can also be faced with some feet injury such as jamming or stubbing of the toe.
  • If the condition is not treated at an early stage, it may cause permanent changes in the toe tissue which will further lead to more pain, swelling and chances of infection.


Symptoms of Ingrown Nails:

  • Pain, redness or swelling around the toe, especially the big toe is the major symptom of an ingrown nail.
  • Your nails become thick and difficult to handle.
  • The infected area will cause sharp pain


Ingrown Nail Treatment and Prevent:

  • Ingrown toenails or fingernails can be prevented by properly treating your nails in correct manner.
  • The shoes you wear should not be tight so that there’s no pressure on the toes.
  • Never trim the corners of your nails. Trim them straight through maintaining a genuine length of the nails.
  • You can get the best treatment for ingrown nails by the preeminent specialists at Pediglass Singapore.
  • Avoid tight stockings or socks so that the nails do not face excess pressure in any way.

Especially women need to be more aware because wearing tight high heeled shoes or pointed footwear can cause this defect very easily.

At Pediglass Singapore, our ingrown toenail specialists provide the best treatment for ingrown nails that is highly hygienic and safe. Our modern painless solutions help in restoring your nails to the normal condition again.

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With the PediGlass Technology, we are able to cure deformed nails to normal state without medication or surgery.

how to treat ingrown toenail without surgery


Now watch our video on how we actually use technology to treat ingrown toenail without surgery


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