Hard thickened areas of the skin that form due to excessive rubbing or pressure on the skin are known as Corns and Calluses. It can cause pain while walking. Corns and calluses are two separate conditions. Corns are thickened localized area that are conical or circular in shape. It occur commonly on the bottom of the foot (sole) at the ball of the foot or occur on the top at the side of our  toes.  It may be in the form of a soft rubber-like layer in between the toes. On the other hand, Calluses refer to the more diffuse, flattened area of thick skin on hands or the feet. This can occur in any part of the body where continuous friction takes place such as our hands, feet and even a violinist’s chin.


Causes of Corns and Calluses:

  • Due to poor gait, these can form on the feet.
  • Ill-fitting shoes can be a major cause.
  • Wearing shoes without socks can be a big reason for this deformity.
  • Excessive pressure or rubbing of the feet.
  • A closed or wet environment for the feet.


Symptoms of Corns and Calluses:

  • Softening of skin between the toes.
  • A rubber-like white skin on feet.
  • Hardening of the skin in between toes.
  • Bleeding after trying to remove the rubbery layer from your feet.


Callus Treatment and Prevention methods:

  • Usage of moisturising creams regularly can prevent them from occurring.
  • Avoid pointed heels or tight shoes.
  • Let your feet breath and give a proper environment to them.
  • A podiatrist or orthopaedic specialist can suggest the best possible callus treatments.
  • Wear socks with shoes to prevent any kind of roughening of skin.
  • Take proper care of hygiene and maintain your foot health.


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